what a cat wants

just a cat who thinks she knows who she is and what she wants

in a relationship. from a man.

heartfelt commitment


lust and desire

faith and hope

never give up easily

a flexitarian! How ‘bout that?! :)

To commemorate the Diamond Jubilee, my housemate and I made Coronation chicken open sandwiches, our version, and it was amazing. 

The main way to make this remained the same - poached chicken, mayonnaise, curry, sandwich. But…

No curry powder - curry paste instead

No cashews - pistachios, chopped instead

No nectarine - pears, diced instead

No basil - watercress or snowpea shoots instead

We also made our own mayonnaise from scratch, which I feel makes a whole lotta difference, because store-bought mayonnaise can be too sweet. Oh, and we used rye bread, which I personally liked, however my housemate said he would have preferred white bread. But I guess it’s all up to personal choice. I wonder how other people would have made this dish…

Here’s to the Diamond Jubilee!